3 Reasons to Use a Dehumidifier in Your Coral Gables Home

Additionally, the Tosot Dehumidifier can remove up to 30 pints of moisture from your home per day, and it’s Energy Star-certified, to boot. It’s ideal for spaces up to 1,500 square feet, and in the event of a power outage, the product will automatically restart itself.

While the benefits of dehumidifier ownership are many, there are some potential downsides, too. For one thing, cost may be an issue. Dehumidifiers can be somewhat pricey — many models sell for more than $150. Or you may just object to having a bucket of standing water sitting around in your home. No matter what your reservations are, it’s.

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Why Your Florida Home Needs a Dehumidifier. Denice. As a Floridian, you understand the spring and summer can bring humidity that’s even worse than the heat. According to the Southeast Regional Climate Center at the University of North Carolina, average morning humidity levels in the mid.

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Dehumidifiers remove moisture from air, improving the usefulness of basements by controlling the dampness and the potential damage to your home and possessions. So unless you prefer to use your basement mostly for growing mushrooms and designer mildew, there should be a dehumidifier in your future!

These are good steps to take before packing your dehumidifier up for the winter so that it’s ready to go when you need it again in the spring. If your dehumidifier does not pull water from the air when it runs, or if it stops running for no apparent reason, it is time to repair or upgrade your dehumidifier.

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Moist, damp air is the ideal environment for mold to flourish (50-65% humidity), and a dehumidifier can remove the surplus moisture while preventing new mold from growing.

3 Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home Have you ever been told that it is not the heat, but rather the humidity, responsible for making you uncomfortable during the summer season? While not strictly the case, there is some truth in this statement.

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